Admissions - Home School Day (Advance Sales)

The discounted Home School Youth rate of $10 per child ages 4-17 is applicable on designated Home School Days. Home School parents receive the $15.00 Admission rate at a ratio of one adult to one child ages 4 and older on Home Schoool Days.

Please purchase tickets accordingly.

If you need to purchase additional Adult tickets at the regular $28 rate please go to our Daily Admission page.

If you purchase more than one adult ticket per applicable Home School child, your ticket will not be accepted and you will be asked to hold on to it for use at a later eligible date or pay the remainder of the regular $28 admission at the time of check-in.

No refunds will be given for tickets purchased. However, if you are unable to come on the Home School day for any reason we will accept your ticket on another Home School Day.

The price of admission is not included with the price of Home School Day workshops.

Please look for expedited entrance for pre-purchased tickets at the Visitor Center!